Stop Your Sheriff Sale


1. Postponement Affidavit

Minnesota Homeowners are entitled to delay or postpone a sheriff sale one (1) time. The following Minnesota statute is the legal authority that grants a Minnesota homeowner to postpone a sheriff sale for five (5) months.

2. Loan Modification

Loan Modification laws have recently changed in Minnesota. Duel Tracking will soon be illegal thus allowing Minnesota homeowners better opportunities to save their homes through the use of loan modifications. Even before ┬áthe new law, my firm has had over a 70% success rating of saving homes from foreclosure. With my firm’s knowledge and experience, our success rate will get even better.

3. Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

4. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

5. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

6. Reinstatement

7. Short Sale

8. Vacating Sheriff Sale


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