We Can Help You

My name is Patrick Sutton. I started this law firm, The Law Office of Patrick M. Sutton. My philosophy is to restore you to financial balance. My job is to empower you so you can make those tough decisions to enable you to get to the next level in your financial life.

We help with issues of saving homes, stopping sheriff sales, stopping IRS from leving wages, and credit card companies who are trying to garnish wages. We help with all those financial matters to help you get to the next area of your life so that you can live stress free, anxiety free, and you don’t have people hounding you on the phone.

Give my law office a call. We can help restore you to financial balance.

Thank you so much for all of your help during a difficult time. I appreciate your expertise in these legal matters and your staff was always friendly and helpful. I will definitely contact you again if I need your help and will definitely recommend your firm to my family and friends. Again, thank you for everything! - T.G. 3/15/2012