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The Sutton Law Firm is no longer accepting any new clientele. I want to thank all of the Minnesota families that allowed my law firm to assist them in saving their homes from foreclosure and helping them get out of debt via chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

It was my sincere hope to restore each and every one of my clients to financial balance so that my clients could move on with their lives not worried about losing the family home or how they were going to make ends meet.

Could my law firm save everyone's home? Absolutely not. That is like trying to have a public defender win every trial; it's not very realistic. However, it is my hope that although the home ultimately was not saved in certain cases, that my clients were better informed about the foreclosure process and were able to exit the home on their own direction, on their own time. Again, thank you for trusting my law firm to make a difference in your lives.

Areas of Practice

While the Sutton Law Firm was active, the firm provided legal services for the following:

- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
- Family Law
- Foreclosure

Sutton Law Firm

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Previous clients may email (fill out the form below) or call for copies of their files. (952) 831-5652

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